We write words for government and business.

Words on websites, words in print, words for speeches.

Words to engage, words to educate, words to motivate.

Powerful words. Worthy words.

We’re a team of strategic-thinking, word lovers.

Between us, we’ve got 50 years of industry experience on our page. So, it’s safe to say, we know our stuff.


We exist to write your story.


We write for government agencies, regulatory bodies, not-for-profits, industry and business.

Our words break the mould, spark interest and action, and make your official documents sound human. So you can effectively engage with your community.

We craft strategies that influence your audience, mitigate risk in a crisis, and position you as an authority.

With Words of Worth, you’re collaborating with superior minds with extensive experience in strategy, copywriting, content marketing and public relations.

We’ll help you communicate with the general public, and maximise engagement with specialist audiences, the media and key stakeholders. And that’s worth something.


Alison McLeod

Founder + Content Strategist

Behind every brand there’s a visionary.

Behind Words of Worth, there’s Alison – a communications chameleon who pushes the boundaries to create pioneering content and strategy with unparalleled results.

She loves to write.

And just as well, because over the last 15 years she’s written disruptive, thought-leading content for the private sector, not-for-profits and government. Her work has informed government officials, educated an entire community during the largest drought crisis on record, supported young people in their transition from school to work, and been a voice of reason in the fallout from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

She’s a media maven, an SEO super, and copywriting queen with a penchant for translating tech-speak into straight talk, a deep understanding of tone and reach, and a hankering for a good tale.

Never content to give you standard content, Alison will discover brand stories you had no idea existed and sculpt them into out of this world copy that will attract, persuade and inspire.

She loves this thing called content creation (and we know you’ll love working with her).

FAVOURITE WORD: Serendipity…or rosé…depending on the day.

Alexandra Andrews

Marketing Comms Specialist

Alexandra is a powerhouse on the social media scene.

Her skills in marketing communications extend across various mediums and she has a knack for generating brand stories that demand attention.

Helping local business and government bodies cut through the noise is what she does best – when not critiquing celebrity fashion choices or engaging in her latest celebrity-endorsed fad.


Meagan Morrison

Brand Strategist and Copywriter

Packing two decades experience, Meagan is a black belt communications and copywriting specialist.

She’s spearheaded global, national, state and regional marketing and community education campaigns to build awareness, grow movements and drive real change for corporates, government, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs.

With a fire in her belly for a more honest and equitable world, her work aligns organisations with their purpose, voice, marketing and choices.

She gives words weight and wonder for greater impact. And weaves them into potent stories that give your community something to believe in and act on. No manipulation. Just epic, emotive copy.


Catherine Fleming

Digital Content Specialist 

A self-confessed ‘word nerd’, Catherine has more than ten years’ experience in publishing, construction industry content, local and state government communications.

She’s been the steadying voice to coach employees through a company-wide restructure, promoted must-have products to mums-to-be, and convinced high school kids to be cautious with their cash.

Her words have helped businesses win awards and industry recognition.

She’s been the sole subeditor on a magazine that’s read by a captive audience of 21 million people each year.

Her passion for promoting large-scale construction projects and championing community causes translates to fresh, attention-grabbing copy that incites action and achieves results.


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